The TCDC Difference

The Customer Comes First

We realize that customer satisfaction will drive our growth and profitability. We strive to find solutions which make our customers more cost competitive and allow us to deliver products faster, better, and cheaper.

We're Quick to Respond

Since 1919, TCDC has believed in reinvesting in the business to insure future success. Our structure allows us to make decisions quickly and efficiently without excessive layers of management and red tape. If it is right for TCDC and for our customer, we move forward. Capital expenditures have averaged $3.5 million per year since 1998.

We're Reliable

Financial strength in a dynamic period in our industry, has TCDC well positioned for the future. The past thirty years have delivered the consistent, reliable profits that have enabled us to grow and reinvest our business. Every single year.

We're Award Winning and Technologically Advanced

TCDC is firmly dedicated to leading the die casting industry in technology. We are constantly reviewing and engaging in emerging industry technology, and the benefit is passed on to our customers. Some of our advancements include thin wall castings and achieving pressure requirements that were recently thought unachievable in a die casting. Our automation not only reduces labor, but contributes to a more consistent, robust process that delivers a higher quality part. The multiple international awards we've received since 2000 have cemented TCDC as a leader in the industry.

Exceptional Quality

Our IATF 16949:2016 certification and quality system guides us through both the most routine, and the most complicated tasks. Defined processes provide direction and metrics on everything from delivery, scrap, productivity, project timing, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement to business planning.

Upfront Design and Engineering Support

When our customers need to design a part for die casting, we are there. TCDC encourages design reviews with our customer to incorporate cost saving in both the part price and the tooling, along with a decreased time to market.

Diverse in Product Capabilities

TCDC maintains a diverse customer base, and no industry comprises more than 40% of our business. No customer is more than 20% our sales. This diversity gives us better stability to weather specific industry downturns and changes customers.

A Dedicated Team

Our unique project management system encompasses a dedicated team with Engineers in casting, machining, and quality who will see your project through from inception to production. The sole role of these seasoned professionals is to deliver your project on time and to the agreed upon quality standards.

Multiple Locations, Multiple Metals

With three IATF 16949:2016 certified US locations TCDC has the ability to adjust manufacturing to meet your project goals. Our ability to cast various magnesium and aluminum alloys, in conjunction with the ability to use the same tooling for each, is a unique advantage.


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We operate three US facilities in the Midwest, and all within 200 miles of our corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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