March 2, 2021

Twin City Die Castings Co. CEO Todd Olson speaks at the Platt’s Aluminum Conference and the NADCA Executive Conference

Todd Olson, CEO of the aluminum and magnesium die caster Twin City Die Castings (TCDC), was a featured speaker at two industry conferences in February of 2021. Olson, a 17-year veteran of the industry, spoke at both the Platt’s Aluminum Conference and the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) Executive Conference on the challenges of leading a company through the unprecedented time of COVID-19 and a recession. TCDC was able to successfully navigate through one of the more difficult periods in the last century by its commitment to a diverse customer base and its ability to pivot and bring 12 new ventilator parts into production in speeds unseen before in the die cast industry. TCDC was featured on the March 31, 2020 NPR Podcast “Planet Money” for its ability quickly navigate through the challenges of helping its customer deliver over 30,000 ventilators in time frame that just months before would have been deemed impossible. The company was able to overcome the challenges of the last year due to the creativity, hard work, and determination of its 200 employee owners.

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